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Is ‘ALICE’ Lurking in Your Shop?

Without better pay, our auto techs and collision repair techs will be leaving for other industries.

AutoAPR Offers Niche Product to Help Dealerships Bridge Gap between Traditional Lead Forms, Digital Retailing

This innovative auto finance engagement program is designed to be a fit for those dealerships not ready to go “all in” on digital retail, but ready to accelerate online sales with better qualified leads.

Podcast: Solving the Technician Shortage

Joe Henry, owner for ACT Truck Tire Collision Staffing, joins us to discuss the technician shortage and what dealers can do to help solve it.

Why Service Pay Plans Need to Change

Active management should also include “RO reviews” where managers review specific situations and coach on missed opportunities to uncover any deficiencies in product knowledge and selling skills.

Podcast: Changing Your Dealership’s Pay Plans

Hireology’s Adam Robinson speaks with us on changing your dealership’s pay plans to attract a new generation of employee.

Dealership Pay Plans
The New Standard for Paying Dealership Employees

To better cater to this growing Millennial workforce, dealers are slowly abandoning the all-or-nothing approach of high-risk/high-reward commission plans. The times are changing, and the rise of cross training and new positions like product specialists is leading to a noticeable shift in pay scales.

Dealership Pay Plans