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How Do Your Service Advisors Measure Up?

Would you agree that you can’t “save your way to increased profitability?” If so, then why are so many dealers still missing out on earning the gross profits they deserve? The answer is … people!

Are You Beating Last Year’s Fixed Ops Profit By 40 Percent or More?

To increase your sales per repair order you must give your advisors the time they need to “advise.” You must ensure that they are professionally trained on how to provide every one of your customers the highest level of service that they possibly can every time they visit your dealership.

Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops? Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part series discussing the importance of having a profit improvement plan that identifies opportunities for improving your service and parts retail operations.

Marchex Automotive Study Reveals the Cost of Saying ‘No’ to Customers Over the Phone

If a store representative said a part was “out of stock” or that a store location had “no appointments,” customers typically reacted negatively.

Podcast: Fixed Ops and the Consumer

Don Shaffer of Motorcars Toyota speaks with us about fixed operations, its role in the overall dealership operation and ways to better serve customers.

Don Shaffer Podcast