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Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

One of the toughest components to sell as a maintenance item, or even a replacement item, is an oxygen sensor.

Chasing Oxygen Sensor Heater Codes

Diagnosing common O2 sensor heater codes isn’t necessarily difficult, it’s just about answering how fast and how hot.

Wideband Sensors vs. Narrowband — Understanding the Differences

One of the main reason’s manufacturers are going to wideband AFR sensors is because the heater channel comes up to operating temperature quicker — as fast as 10 seconds, in some cases. However, wideband sensors also need to be heated to higher operating temperatures to function effectively.

Oxygen Sensors: What Happens When O2 Sensors Age or Die?

Oxygen sensors are one of the most critical components of a modern engine because of their role in controlling the fuel-injection system and emissions coming from the tailpipe. Here’s a primer to help understand these sensors and their functions.