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How to ‘Staff’ Your Digital Showroom

Now that visits to our showrooms are mostly done in the digital arena, a dealership’s website must provide accurate information to keep customers on their site.

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Podcast: Digital Showroom

Ken Tomaro, CEO of OptionSoft, discusses how dealers can improve their digital showrooms.

Turning the Digital Retailing Journey into a Rewarding Experience

The word “journey” is defined as traveling from one point to another, usually taking a rather long time. It actually has a negative connotation to it, yet, this is how we describe the car buyer’s experience. Although the automotive dealership’s digital retailing experience has changed considerably over the last few years, especially recently, it’s still

How Home Auto Group Is Taking Care of Customers

Tucked into the foothills of Maine’s western mountains, Farmington is a college town of nearly 8,000 that is known for its outdoor activities and attractions. It is also the home of Home Auto Group, owned by Joseph “Mac” MacConnell. MacConnell grew up in South Jersey and in the car business. After a stint in the

Is Your Digital Retailing Tool Just Another Expensive E-Lead?

Do you really want your online showroom unattended? Artificial intelligence allows the process to continue and get customers the answers they need.

Podcast: Digital Retailing

Chris Murphy, president and chief marketing officer for GoGoCar, discusses digital retailing in the car-buying process.

OptionSoft Technologies Acquires GoGoCar

The GoGoCar platform also comes with state-of-the-art features to help the customer during the digital car-buying journey, including a “Virtual Automotive Assistant” powered by artificial intelligence.

OptionSoft Technologies Provides Partner Relief for Dealerships

OptionSoft will offer current customers additional modules from its enterprise software suite at no incremental cost to the dealership.

OptionSoft Technologies Partners with GoGo Car

Offering a complete suite of sales and F&I support software in the auto, RV, marine and powersports spaces, the company provides compete training and support from OEMs to individual dealers.