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Reuter’s Automotive USA 2022: A Decade of Transformation 

OEM leaders will address how they will build EVs, reshape the OEM business model and plan for the future.

Bosch to Add New Remote OEM Diagnostics to DVCI Scan Tools

Next year, Bosch DVCI scan tool users will be able to utilize licensed and authorized OEM diagnostic software remotely on most major vehicle brands.

RevolutionParts and Walmart Announce Exclusive Agreement to Bring OEM Auto Parts to Walmart.com

Over the last two years, Walmart’s U.S. eCommerce business doubled. The OEM parts ecommerce industry grew at a 30% rate last year and is continuing a similar trajectory in 2021.

ZeroSum Launches Auto-Stream: World’s First High-Performance OTT/CTV AI-Driven Advertising Platform for Auto Dealers & Marketers

For auto dealers, Auto-Stream results in engagement with in-market shoppers while maximizing reach without the cost of traditional TV ad production.

Affinitiv’s New Atlas DX Platform Provides Predictive Intelligence to Drive Value for OEMs and Dealers

Affinitiv launched its new Atlas Digital Experience Platform that enhances the automotive customer lifecycle. Atlas DX is built on predictive intelligence, promoting initial purchase, repurchase and long-term loyalty. This accelerates performance for OEMs and dealers. This proprietary platform enables Affinitiv clients to drive engagement between dealerships and consumers using hyper-personalized messaging online, offline and in-person.

Podcast: Leaning on Others for Support

David Adcock, executive vice president of Binary Auto Solutions, joins us to discuss leaning on your partners for support during times of crisis.

MAX Digital Announces Access to OEM Window Stickers at No Additional Cost

The Monroney sticker was created to provide a minimum mandatory standard of detailed information available for all new car buyers.

Darwin Automotive Provides Vital Assistance & Tools during COVID-19

The Virtual Deal Maker tool enables dealership personnel to virtual “desk” their online consumers.

Podcast: Remaining Viable and Relevant When the Market Returns to Normal

Dale Pollak, executive vice president for Cox Automotive, joins us to discuss how dealers can manage their businesses in a manner that will ensure they remain viable and relevant when the market returns to normal.

AutoAlert Wins Patent for AlertOptics OEM Incentive Management Tool

AlertOptics improves the customer experience and journey by optimizing incentive spend through analyzing and actionizing both OEM and dealer data. This allows for the right incentive level to be generated for the right customer, eliminating wasted incentive dollars and identifying incremental sales opportunities.

Mitchell Announces Partnership with Drew Technologies to Deliver OEM Scanning and Remote Diagnostic Support

The Drew Technologies partnership adds to Mitchell Diagnostics existing All Makes scanning capabilities using Bosch Technologies to give Mitchell Diagnostics customers unparalleled capabilities.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Understanding the 3 Advertising Tiers and How Vendor Partners Fit the Puzzle

For dealers, the smarter way means bringing in a trusted third party who can prove to you that they are both competent in managing a multifaceted automotive marketing strategy and aware of the need to customize for the local level while still staying OEM compliant.