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NextGear Capital’s Mobile App Achieves High Adoption in First 6 Months

The app has become a resource for independent dealer clients to view their account information quickly and easily in real-time.

NextGear Capital Introduces 2023-2025 Dealer Advisory Board

DRIVE has proven to be a valuable resource to better understand the needs of independent dealers.

NextGear Capital, Manheim and vAuto Help Dealers Gain Advantages

Dealer Advisory Board feedback, self-service tools, a new in-person orientation program and more are saving time and gaining insights for dealers.

NextGear Capital’s Self Reconciliation Auditing Tool Passes 60 Percent Adoption

Dealers taking advantage of NextGear Capital’s Self Reconciliation tool are clearing their audits faster than ever while benefitting from a better client experience.

NextGear Capital to Hold Second Annual Thank You Month for Independent Dealers

Accompanying the month-long celebration by NextGear Capital will be a social media campaign focused on reinforcing the thank you messaging through shared reactions of those selected for loan forgiveness and golf carts.

NextGear Capital Honors Passing of Auto Financing Pioneer John Fuller

NextGear Capital announces the passing of John Fuller, company founder and a pioneer in automotive dealer financing.

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NextGear Capital Names Top 10 Floor Planned Vehicles of 2018

Learn which vehicles gained a larger share of the new car market in 2018, and which continued to show their value in the used car market.

Dealers Embrace Digital Technology to Maintain Cash Flow and Drive Business

The feature has proved so easy to use that 39 percent of NextGear Capital dealers used it to floor all of their vehicles purchased outside of the auction.