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T2L Motivates Used Car Profitability

While you may employ the best inventory management, selection and sourcing tools you can afford in your used car strategy, it is crucial to realize that their promises of profitability hinge first on the speed and efficiency of your reconditioning department.

Why Service Pay Plans Need to Change

Active management should also include “RO reviews” where managers review specific situations and coach on missed opportunities to uncover any deficiencies in product knowledge and selling skills.

Motive and Educate: What Your Team Needs From You as a Leader

No matter which vehicles you sell, what services you provide or how long you’ve been in business, your most valuable resource will always remain the same: your people. Those who make up your team will be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. As a leader, either of a team or of the entire company,

Keep Customers Engaged and Motivated for the Long Term

“Retention is easy to overlook, but in some cases you are picking up dimes as you walk over dollars.”