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Getting Your Dealership Unstuck with the Right Software

Today, to provide the type of personal service consumers demand, we need software. While more progressive dealers and consumers whiz by using the latest tools, some dealerships get stuck in the “that’s the way we’ve always done things around here” mode.

Podcast: Software – Ahead or Behind Competitors

Morry Patoka, executive vice president and COO of Vicimus, joins us to discuss how software can put dealers ahead of or behind their competitors.

How Software Puts You Ahead of or Behind Competitors

People don’t get into the car business because they love using software. They want to sell cars, service customers, have fun and make good money doing it. So why do software purchase decisions end up creating the opposite effect to what your people want to spend the majority of their time doing? Start with expectations.

How Metrics Can Mess with Dealership Success

All metrics, regardless of what they say and how they are prepared for your consumption, require your brainpower, your experience and, ultimately, your good business judgement.