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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Earlier this summer, three dealerships made headlines when 12 vehicles worth nearly $1 million were stolen. What the media didn’t mention was that the price tag of the vehicles themselves is a fraction of the costs dealerships absorb after an inventory loss.

Do You Know What’s Going on in Your Service Department?

In the processes of operating a busy service department, even the best leaders and managers can lose track of big-picture concepts, such as your team’s performance, attitude and morale.

Inspire a Positive Culture! Practice Three Things to Improve Communication, Positivity, Respect and Productive Relationships

With the rapidly changing and attention grabbing technology, social media, 24/7 communication, and the fight to retain talent and relationships, how does one keep composure and keep it straight to communicate that can result effective and efficient outcomes? Consider practicing three things:

Pulling Together: The Toxic Employee, Part 2

There are employees who undermine team dynamics and, if left unchecked, bad attitudes and sour mindsets can spread and damage the morale of the best organization.

Maintaining Your Positivity and Strengthening Your Career Track in Dealership Sales

Salespeople face a variety of obstacles in their day-to-day work, from customers looking to get the rock-bottom price to slow sales days to no-show appointments. The ability to maintain a positive mindset is crucial to finding success in sales. While the individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own attitude, management can help to