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The Best Investment We’ll Ever Make

With the proper mindset, obstacles become new ways to learn valuable lessons, and almost all challenges become opportunities to shine.

It’s All About the People

Imagine on Monday, you discover that your meticulous, rule-following accountant and creative, eccentric marketing person have switched positions. How’s this likely to work out? Some variation of this misalignment is actually common in most organizations.

The Theory of 5: Youth and Experience

One of the principle foundations of The Theory of 5 is that, in order to reach our full potential, we need to seek out more experienced, knowledgeable people to coach us in areas where we’d like to excel. To fill this role, we usually look to people who are older than us or, in a co-mentoring situation, our peers. In most cases we overlook what a relationship with those younger than us can mean to our personal growth.

Treat Your Strengths As A Weakness

Instead of using your strengths as a crutch, limping into the kingdom of “Just Enough,” what if you used it instead to vault into newer, higher realms of possibilities?

Podcast: Recalibrate Your Thinking

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice returns to share ways you can recalibrate your thinking in a stressful sales career. marshbuice.com

Marsh Buice Podcast
Take a Moment

It’s full of possibilities. Anything could happen this year. This could be the year where all the work pays off and all your dreams come true. The year is waiting for you, urging you to get started.

Podcast: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Master Trainer Duane Marino of Duane Marino Automotive Solutions shares ways to get out of your own way when selling vehicles.

Duane Marino Podcast Image
Podcast: The Shot-Clock Mentality

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice returns to discuss ways to use a “shot-clock” mentality in the sales game. marshbuice.com

Marsh Buice Shotclock podcast
Feast or Famine? Not If You Know How To Prospect!

Times are tough, but as an old adage reminds us, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In the automotive industry, good salespeople know how to ride economic waves.

Your Best Defense is a Good Offense

The military adage “the best defense is a good offense” applies to selling cars, as well. If you keep moving forward, attracting new customers and advancing those customers down the path to purchase, your competitors are eliminated from consideration.

Podcast: Evolving Your Dealership’s Used Inventory Strategies

DealerCue’s Adam Tobias talks with us about evolving your dealership’s used vehicle strategy — how to stock the types of vehicles your customers want and your people can sell. dealercue.com

Adam Tobias podcast