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Selling to Millennials

These buyers are actually interested in buying cars and dealers must adapt to their needs.

Podcast: Millennials and the Car-Buying Process

Mike Shell of EZTech Platforms discusses the younger generation and how it prefers to buy cars.

Attracting Younger Customer Bases

Dealers bring millennials and younger audiences back to the showrooms using sophisticated data and technology solutions.

Stop Interrupting and Start Engaging Customers

Make your data actionable through intelligence and effectively deliver messaging to your customers through multiple channels.

Talent in the Automotive Dealership Industry

Attracting and retaining top talent involves everything from recruiting and hiring, to compensation and benefits, to training and rewarding staff members. While the following strategies may seem daunting, they are essential for dealers to succeed.

Don’t Worry About Millennials — Here’s How to Win Over Gen Z

You keep hearing about millennials as “the digital generation,” but millennials are older than you might think; in reality, Gen Z are the true children of the internet.

An Increase in Generation Z Consumers Is Good News for Dealers

Learning what makes Gen Z tick and tailoring your selling process accordingly will take time, but in the meantime, prioritize relationship building.

321 Ignition’s New Mobile Platform Helps Dealerships Communicate with the Next Generation of Buyers

321 Ignition uses AI capabilities to help dealerships adapt to Millennials’ and Gen Z’s unique mobile shopping habits and showroom demands.

Are You on the Front End of the Digital Retailing Transformation?

The internet has forever changed the automotive industry, with digital retailing now transforming dealership strategies across the nation. But many dealers are still hesitant to fully embrace the innovation required to ensure future success in this rapidly evolving retail world. Their reluctance could bring dire consequences.

Millennials! What Are They Thinking?

Whether they are browsing from their home, office or kid’s ballgame, tech-savvy customers positively respond to efficacy, transparency and personal control.

Hire Outside the Box

Knowing that there could potentially be a shortage of technicians in just a couple years, how can we stay ahead of the curve and hire the right people for our businesses and dealerships?

Finding Success with Your Millennial Employees

How many times in the last week have you said something negative about millennials, young people or “kids these days”? Honestly, you were probably right about some of the things that triggered those negative comments.