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Are You Managing Your A-Level Salespeople Straight to Your Competition?

Managers need to be held accountable for the development of their sales team. A revolving door for salespeople is not a recipe for success. The days of tossing 12 green peas at the wall and hoping a few stick are gone.

Understanding Millennial Shoppers: How Digital Messaging Gets Gen Y Into Your Dealership

If you want them to buy from your dealership, winning the hearts and minds of Millennial car buyers starts with understanding what makes them tick.

Podcast: Redefine Your Marketing Message

Brian Barlow of Pineapple Crush talks about the difference between advertising and modern marketing, and how to reach consumers with your dealership’s message.

Brian Barlow podcast
Podcast: Getting the Best Out of Your Team

Shane Born, COO for ProMax, speaks with us about bringing the best out of the Millennials and other generations that make up your staff.

Shane Born podcast featured image
Podcast: Changing Your Dealership’s Pay Plans

Hireology’s Adam Robinson speaks with us on changing your dealership’s pay plans to attract a new generation of employee.

Dealership Pay Plans