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Dealer Insider with Dealer Owned Warranty Company

Learn from Edvie Castro and Michael LaMotta of DOWC how dealers can be resilient during the pandemic, and how having access to cash can benefit dealers in difficult times.

Claims Management Rises to Top of Improvements for Dealership Survival & Profit Growth

Learn how dealers take firmer control of the claims process and reduce their costs.

The Revenue Resource You’re Completely Ignoring

Exploring the hidden value of your existing customer data.

Embracing Online Auto Retailing, from Start to F&Inish

In this moment of seismic change in the retail environment, it’s critical to understand that brick-and-mortar days aren’t necessarily over — but to stay relevant and competitive, physical dealerships require expansion to include a digital storefront as well.

Innovative Product Introductions

With new procedures in place and increasing buyer concerns to address, innovative new products are essential to drive business.

Antimicrobial Product Arsenal

Is your F&I administrator helping you sanitize your showroom and protect your customers? If not, you should find one who can.

Dealer Capital and Compliance

Dealers need control of their investments, and access to their cash as permitted by state regulations, to insulate themselves from an economic downturn.

Podcast: Customer Service in a Crisis

Michael LaMotta, founder of Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC), joins us to discuss customer service in a crisis.

Customer Service in a Crisis

In times of crisis, your customer-facing staff can also be the most important line of defense when it comes to your company’s reputation.

New Decade Sees Shift in F&I

Consumers want an alternative to the traditional F&I process, without spending additional time in the dealership.

Dealer-Owned Warranty Company — Have You Made the Switch?

In addition to increasing profit potential on F&I sales, the ability to tailor and customize their own F&I offerings means a dealer can build a portfolio of F&I products that caters to a variety of vehicles.