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Do What Others Won’t

In an era when new vehicle margins are razor thin, it’s difficult to compete on price alone. The good news is you don’t have to. Although many customers claim that price is the most important factor when it comes to purchasing, we all know from experience that other factors weigh into the decision.

Are Customers Just Passing You By?

With heavy traffic and congestion, sometimes a customer will only have two seconds to glance over and scan your lot. Sometimes the simplest of messages will grab his or her attention and ultimately make a big difference in your bottom line.

AI Marketing: Help Your Customers Beat Option Paralysis

Effective marketing means more than just spreading the word that your dealership is open for business and hoping customers find vehicles they might want on your lot. This approach might have worked for previous generations of dealerships, but today’s customer has evolved.

Who is Branding Your Message?

Often, a business that is part of a franchise will have trouble carving out its own niche. Usually it is the company selling the franchise that is responsible for developing the branding message for all the franchisees. The automobile industry might be the exception to the rule.

Auto Retail Advertising and Risk

All car dealers are exposed to two inherent and interrelated forms of risk, creative and financial. In managing risks, what all successful auto retailers have in common is having the capacity for both and a willingness to periodically step outside the comfort zone to take calculated risks, probe opportunities and seek greater gains.

Master of All: Why Executing on Just a Few Marketing Channels is No Longer Good Enough

To be truly competitive in such a landscape, dealers increasingly have to be not “jacks” of all marketing channels, but masters of all marketing channels.

Mastering the Digital Phone Up

I personally work with some of the top dealers across the country and speak to, consult with and present to hundreds of others. I see a common thread of concern on the decrease of lead form submissions.