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Merchandising Strategies from Online Disruptors

Your online merchandising needs to rival Carvana’s. Here’s how to generate that emotional attachment.

Digitization in Automotive Merchandising Still Far Off

The photos and merchandizing process for today’s modern dealership is still not where it should be.

Digital Air Strike Expands Inventory Merchandising Capabilities

Dealerships dominate search and social platforms with Advanced Vehicle Details Page (VDP), in-market shopper targeting and real-time available inventory.

Podcast: Vehicle Merchandising

Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, discusses vehicle merchandising using video.

All Funnels Lead to the Dealership

Almost every car buyer still takes delivery at the dealership and this will not change any time soon. So, why not make it fun?

What’s Missing in the Car Buying Process? A Customer Point of View

If a customer can get last year’s top model delivered to their doorstep, how willing are they to endure a poor experience? In this new world of “digital retail” how can you simplify all of this for your customers and future proof your dealership?

Video Merchandising

I never thought that I would be advising dealers to shoot video with a cellphone, however, advances in cellphone technology in just the last two years have made me rethink video hardware.

SpinCar Partners with Carfax to Promote Transparency in Vehicle Merchandising

The integration enables auto dealers to provide greater transparency to car shoppers by offering them an easy way to access Carfax Reports while they are exploring vehicles on a dealer’s website.

SpinCar Unveils New Brand Identity at Digital Dealer 26 Conference

The new brand identity builds upon SpinCar’s heritage as an innovator in digital automotive merchandising, while at the same time reflecting the evolution and growth of the company over the past five years.

Dominion Dealer Solutions Aims to Bolster Consumer Trust in Used Car Buying Process with C.A.R.Score

The all new vehicle condition report is set to complement vehicle history reports and allow automobile dealers to compete with Carvana and other online retailers.

PureCars Launches Signal Pro, a Multi-Channel Attribution Platform for Automotive Marketers

Dealers now have access to honest, full-funnel attribution insights to drive ad campaigns and improve sales.

Podcast: Merchandising Vehicles for the Next Generation

John Hensman, VP and general manager of HomeNet, joins us to discuss merchandising vehicles for the next generation.