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12 Steps to Building a Service Sales Force

How do you build an advisor sales force in your service drive? It’s no different than what you’re doing in the showroom.

How to Tap into Menu Moolah

Requiring a menu presentation to every customer breeds consistency and ensures that every customer is treated the same, meaning that each and every customer receives a feature/benefit presentation on all of the products contained in the menu.

How to Use Retail Repair Orders as a Management Tool

There are many service advisors out there who are doing a great job for their customers and their dealers but, unfortunately, they are in the minority.

Holman Automotive Breaks F&I Records, Boosts PVR by $200 with Prescriptive F&I Selling

With 37 dealership franchises representing 18 brands from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest, Holman Automotive is one of the largest privately owned dealership groups in the United States.

Just Because You Have New Technology, Doesn’t Make You Compliant

Not long ago, I was visiting with a dealer and the recent rash of articles concerning compliance came up. As I shared what I knew on the subject and the current climate concerning fines and penalties, the dealer sat back, smiled and said, “I’m good. We use a menu.”

Qvale Automotive Group Revolutionizes Process with Help from The Menu Brothers

When Qvale Auto Group decided it was time to have a single customer experience for all of their franchises, the challenge became that none of their current software providers could provide the single solution they were looking for. Until they met The Menu Brothers.

F&I Solutions Section: The Power of the F&I Menu

The finance department has never been more critical to the success of a dealership than it is today. While there are several components necessary to build a strong F&I department, none are more important than the use of an F&I menu.

Ways Your Dealership’s F&I Employees Can Drive Customer Satisfaction

The F&I department is critical to the overall success of your dealership. As consumers increasingly walk into dealerships armed with more information than ever before, this leaves dealership sales teams much less room for negotiation, and results in smaller profit margins.