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Pathways to Promotion

Women In Automotive’s Audrey McKinley shares how saying “yes” to opportunities propelled her career in automotive.

A Mentor’s Influence

There are so many aspects of the mentoring relationship that make it such a powerful tool for shaping our next generation leaders.

Are You a Life Learner?

Everyone has a lesson to teach us, whether they intend to or not. It’s up to us to pull out the best lessons from these interactions.

Podcast: Mentoring Your Employees

Kimberly Cowen, the CEO of automotive marketing company Kymeera, discusses all things employee relations.

Executive Spotlight: Kymeera CEO Kimberly Cowan

An established industry leader offers thought-provoking insights on employee relations.

New Faces, New Challenges, New Opportunities?

Learn how to be the coach that you wanted when you were new to a company or position.

4 Tips for a Successful Mentor Program

Although many dealerships have tried to implement mentorship programs, the key to success is commitment. Try these tips for a successful mentorship program.

The Tempting Path of Least Resistance

Let’s find our path, and then build the behaviors and actions that will allow us to navigate it to our desires and our destiny.

Keeping Our Egos in Check

It’s easy to say we’re “always working to improve,” but it’s hard to resist the urge to rest on our past achievements.

Be Determined, Not Desperate

With a solid financial foundation, we will ride out any lean months and not crash back and forth with a “feast or famine” mindset.

Women Powered Mentoring Annual Membership

This platform will enable industry-wide mentoring for women seeking to grow their careers in their respective roles with the help of respected men and women

An Outline for Success

Clear expectations, ambitious goal setting and having the support, tools and authority to achieve what is expected are crucial.