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Sales Management Leads to Higher Service Absorption

It should be every dealer’s and fixed ops manager’s mission to put forward a plan to move aggressively toward achieving 100% service absorption.

The Measurement of Success, Part 2

Last month, we began a discussion about success — not the nuts-and-bolts of how to achieve it, but in the importance of defining it on both a professional and personal level. Without knowing what success looks like for us, we’ll never know how close or far away we are from it.

The Lies Green Arrows Can Tell

Sometimes red is good and sometimes green is bad, which, in the end, only makes the digital universe harder to understand. This is especially true when it comes to a client who just wants to see green and forward movement.

How a Recon Management Program Can Benefit Your Dealership

A recon management program is designed to help control the reconditioning process at a dealership. While all dealerships have a process for handling how they get cars frontline ready, not all do this efficiently. The recon management program is an opportunity for the dealership to take back control of the reconditioning process by controlling speed, cost, time and morale.