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Executive Spotlight: FixedOPS Marketing’s Russell Hill

Insight on how to improve marketing for the service lane from an industry expert.

How to Bring Customers Down Funnel with Video

Following a high-to-low funnel video marketing strategy, adding videos to a dealership website is an easy way to increase sales.

Binary Delivers 5 Millionth Piece of Customized Marketing Materials to Support Dealer Clients

One of the extra perks clients enjoy when they partner with Binary Automotive Solutions is the creation, printing and delivery of high quality, dealership branded print and digital marketing collateral touting the benefits of the program to customers.

What’s in a Name? Apparently, Everything

In the quest to drive business to your website, have you forgotten one of the most basic principles of marketing?

Is Email Marketing Most Effective?

Every marketing channel has its pros and cons. Relying on one channel alone limits your reach, ignores the way consumers behave and may not be the best channel to support your campaign objective.