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Experian Releases Market Trends Review: Q3 2021

Q3 2021 report finds delinquencies remain lower than pre-pandemic levels.

If You Think Acquiring Used Inventory is Hard Now…

How are you responding to today’s unpredictable market situations? It’s time to take a hard look at your processes.

Dealership Buy/Sell Market Continued to Soar in Q3, with Record Valuations

2020 is on track to surpass 2015’s record transaction levels; mega dealer transactions on the rise, dealership earnings spike blue sky values, Toyota is most valuable non-luxury franchise, according to Third Quarter 2020 Blue Sky Report by Kerrigan Advisors

Podcast: Marketing to Today’s Consumer

Amy Hughes, senior director of dealer intelligence at Experian, joins us to discuss marketing to today’s consumers.

Maintaining a Positive Dealership Culture in a Volatile Market

The automotive retailing market might be changing, but that doesn’t mean your attitude has to shift with it.

Bull is Here, Bear is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Bear is coming because bear is always coming, and we all know it. Historical evidence shows us that market adjustments are always just one step off the unsuspecting cliff.

Three Ways Data Can Help Your Dealership Beat the Competition

When your dealership masters and utilizes the information accessible to you — whether in terms of industry knowledge, technology updates or lead details — you go far beyond enhancing your own knowledge; you can map better strategies, provide a better customer experience and reach more shoppers.

Death of Brick and Mortar Isn’t Inevitable

The days of walking into a store and purchasing an item are becoming a thing of the past. The rising trend of online shopping epitomized in retail sales has been no stranger to the automotive space, either.

Up in a Down Market: Training and Marketing When Things Slow Down

“Our overall strategy? Stay the course. Stay in your lane. Market to your customers. Full steam ahead. Walt Disney said it best when he said, ‘I’ve heard there’s going to be a recession. I’ve decided not to participate.’”

11 Tips for Lead Generation and Increasing Your Sales

Waiting for customers to come to your lot is not a strategy for long-term success. You’ve got to get your message out to consumers and move your dealership to the top of their list. Here are 11 ways to increase your visibility and get buyers through your doors:

Big Data Fuels Car Sales

People love their cars, which is why selling them the vehicle of their dreams is as much about winning their hearts as their minds. It’s like being a matchmaker; if you’re going to present the right make and model to make the sale, you’d better know what turns them on.

Podcast: Provide Your Service Customers with More

Patrick Fletch of AlloyGator Wheel Protection speaks with us about ways to offer more to your dealership’s service customers.

Patrick Fletch podcast