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Take 5: COVID-19 & Your Reinsurance Plan

You’ve worked hard to get through the pandemic. It’s time to make sure your reinsurance program is still working hard for you.

6 Questions for Your Reinsurance Provider

Where does all the money from my service contract sales go? What would happen if I sold my store? Get the straight scoop about your reinsurance program with these six expert-level questions.

Plug Your Entire Dealership Into Your Reinsurance Company

Maximize dealership revenue and reinsurance profitability by capitalizing on new and hidden opportunities in every department — not just F&I.

What If I Didn’t Have My Own Reinsurance Company?

Dealers who rely on underwriting and investment profits as a key source of revenue and financial independence would struggle to imagine life without reinsurance. Let’s try anyway.

6 Keys to Your Reinsurance Selection

Whether you are setting up your first dealer participation program or considering alternatives, the decision you make today will have long-term consequences for you, your family and your business.