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Building a Customer-Centric Service Department

Many service managers approach management and process change with their own goals in mind. Whether you want more ROs or more labor hours per RO, it’s easy to focus on the results that you want, instead of on the results that the customer wants.

Congrats! You’re a Manager, Now What?

A manager’s job is to work with each person to determine what success means so they can contribute to the performance of the organization.

Leadership Podcast: Being an Effective Leader

We’ve returned with some of our past guests to discuss what one characteristic, more than any other, they feel helps them be an effective leader.

The Doctor is In! The Power of Prescriptive and Suggestive Selling

Many of you have heard about prescriptive selling and suggestive selling, but many people don’t truly know what it means or are afraid of it.

Thriving in a Male-Dominated Industry: Facing Challenges and Finding Rewards as a Female Manager

Today, I’m a manager in a company that intersects two male-dominated industries: automotive and technology. So, as a female, that grit still comes in handy today.