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Are You Ready to Talk About the 5 Costs of Vehicle Ownership?

As soon as buyers drive off the lot, there’s no telling what’s around the corner.

Lincoln Service – Tune-Ups and Repair

Many people tend to think a dealership service center is expensive. Share this article with your customers and potential customers to spread the word on the importance of routine maintenance and how most dealerships are highly competitive with independent shops.

Hankook Tire Gauge Reveals 83 Percent of Americans Plan to Drive the Same or More This Year

Tire pressure is one alert that gets drivers to take action as 56 percent of drivers will address the low tire pressure warning light the same day, according to the Gauge.

Selling Service: Selling on Trust

Stop focusing on the value and safety slant, move forward from persuasion techniques and start building customer trust.

Podcast: How Service and Sales Can Work Together

Noel Walsh, CEO of NW&A Sales Training, joins us to discuss how service and sales can work together for the betterment of the dealership.

Why Service Pay Plans Need to Change

Active management should also include “RO reviews” where managers review specific situations and coach on missed opportunities to uncover any deficiencies in product knowledge and selling skills.

How Many Alignments Does It Take to Get .3 HPRO?

“I am amazed at how many service advisors fail to properly advise all of their customers as to the maintenance and/or repair needs of their vehicles.”

Podcast: Glass Repair in Your Service Department

Mark Haeck joins us to discuss the roles of glass repair in your dealership’s service department.

What Are the O2 Sensors Telling the PCM?

The catalyst efficiency monitor verifies that the catalytic converter is operating at a high enough efficiency rating to keep exhaust emissions within the predetermined values. The PCM compares the signals from the upstream and downstream oxygen sensors to determine the state of the converter.

Four Strategies to Obtain More Business from Service Customers

These processes have been around forever and your service staff should know how to do them, which is why it can be extremely challenging to make any changes.

Hidden Profit Centers

Nothing helps retain a customer better than a strong PPM program. Why leave 80 percent of your customers out when it is a great value for them and creates a customer for life?

Five Ways to Use Inventory Tracking Beyond Sales

We all know inventory tracking works well during the sales process. A customer comes up, the dealership’s salesperson talks to them about their wants and needs to help them figure out what kind of vehicle they want, and then he or she finds the vehicle. In the past, this would involve the customer walking out