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NADA 2022: Drivrz Financial, Transparency in Numbers

Drivrz Financial offers leasing technology that helps dealers close deals faster, and their customers can drive away happier.

CEO Jon Lamb
Used Vehicle Leasing Is Exactly What the Auto Industry Needs

Pandemic-induced vehicle price increases could impact the future of car sales – cheaper and shorter financing options could help both the buyer and dealer.

Used Leasing Is a Game Changer for Dealers

Are your current practices taking the customer out of the market for five or more years? Forget what you think you know about used vehicle leasing.

Used Vehicle Leasing Delivers Lower Down Payments, Shorter Terms and Higher Profits to Inventory Starved Dealers

Used leasing allows for lower payments on shorter terms with guaranteed residual values, and brings the customer back to the dealership sooner.

DRIVRZ Financial Teams Up with Roadster to Add Used Car Leasing to Digital Retail Experience

The company’s latest partnership with Roadster reflects its continued focus on using technology to create convenient, modern and transparent customer experiences.

Walmart Helps Dealers Sell Cars

After the retail giant piloted the CarSaver program successfully in multiple markets with dealers, including AutoNation, they are building a network of certified dealers to service Walmart’s 250 million customers and 1.5 million employees across the country.

New Lease Data Forecasts Compact and Mid-Size Vehicles are Best to Lease in the Month of May

While most vehicle prices have remained steady into May, many dealers have offered lower lease pricing on compact cars and mid-size cars. Dealers are finding great value and opportunities in promoting lease opportunities with cars.

Dissecting Your Dealership to Mine the Best Data and Profits

With the right tools, data mining can be used to find more customers in ‘deeper corners’ of your database than you may have known. Why mine only one area when so many others also offer great opportunities?