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Podcast: Navigating Work and Life Goals

Laurie Halter, founder for Charisma! Communications, joins us to discuss her podcast Carearing, which aims to help female leaders navigate work and life goals successfully.

Leadership Podcast: Facing Challenges

We’ve returned with some of our past guests, asking them what they feel are the biggest challenges leaders are facing today.

Is Your Trainer King Kong?

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on social media. Perhaps you’ve even had a chance to see them live. If not, go to the mountaintop where they hang out and listen quietly.

Colors On Parade Offers Women in Automotive Franchise Scholarship at 2018 Conference in Orlando, FL

By training female leaders and establishing them as business owners in this industry, Colors On Parade hopes to open many more doors for other women looking to establish themselves.

What Do Metallica, Miles Davis and Maroon 5 Have in Common?

Everyone seems to want a clear picture of what’s going on, and why shouldn’t we? We deserve a clear view on the success and failure of the dollars that we are committing to digital advertising — all advertising for that matter.

Four Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Mentoring Program at Your Dealership

You see it at the dealership all the time. That new salesperson far exceeds everyone else’s numbers at the store during the first month. Then, the sales start to slip. By the fourth month, the person gets fired for not meeting his or her numbers.

Goals, Vision and Your Team

No one does their best work in a vacuum; we all need feedback and a sense of where we are in the process.

Leaders: Either Change or FAIL

Leaders in automobile dealerships across the U.S. are inundated daily with shouts that they must change or they are going to get left behind and fail. My question is: Change may be necessary, but are we listening to others or asking questions ourselves? And secondly, are we asking the right questions?

Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders

The greatest leaders are not solely interested in making a living; they are driven to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. They are not just interested in success at work; they seek success in life.

The Servant Leader’s State of Mind

By serving others, servant leaders build a healthier culture and a more-productive business that creates a bigger bottom line and a happier workplace. Below are a few insights into the servant leaders state of mind that hopefully will help you improve the impact you have on the people you serve.

Being a Team Player Without Being the Whole Team

It’s important to cross train and have team members be able to step in for each other if someone is on vacation or has to take a sick day. It’s dangerous to have only one person knowledgeable about a crucial role at your dealership; what happens when they can’t come in one day or decides

Building Leaders: Keeping Up With Challenges and Opportunities, Part 3

“I go to different conventions to learn how others are facing challenges, and I make sure I surround myself with other business leaders; not just auto leaders but people who are successful in business in general. Through education, constant reading and surrounding myself with people who are excelling in business, I become more prepared to lead and excel, as well.”