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3 Questions Dealers Need to Ask About Warranty Labor Rate Increases

If you cannot answer yes to all three of these questions, it’s costing you money.

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How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown, Profit Accelerator No. 2: The Inspection Connection

Do you have a policy that all used vehicles be inspected for needed maintenance and/or mechanical repairs before the vehicle is offered for sale?

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown

These are the only two options for your new and used car sales teams and they should be the only two options you have for your service and parts teams as well.

Dealers Earn Record Profits in 2018 — Fake News or the Real Deal?

Let’s make 2019 a record year for profits in your dealership. The opportunity is in your service department right now as you’re reading this blog. Now go out there with your new attitude and make some money! You deserve it!

How To Check Out Your Service Department

To formulate an action plan for improvement you must first realize that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

It’s Cheaper To Keep Those Customers!

Now is the time to evaluate your service and parts marketing strategy for your existing customers. They are waiting for you with open arms. Let them know how much you appreciate their business and give them reasons to come back. It’s cheaper to keep them!

The Art of Selling

If you are willing to commit to training your entire fixed operations team how to effectively communicate with every customer on every phone call and at every visit you are well on your way toward creating a culture of salesmanship within your entire organization, including fixed operations.

Are You Beating Last Year’s Fixed Ops Profit By 40 Percent or More?

To increase your sales per repair order you must give your advisors the time they need to “advise.” You must ensure that they are professionally trained on how to provide every one of your customers the highest level of service that they possibly can every time they visit your dealership.