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Key Diagnostics and Programming

Key and security system diagnostics are not that much different than driveability diagnostics.

Are You Ready to Talk About the 5 Costs of Vehicle Ownership?

As soon as buyers drive off the lot, there’s no telling what’s around the corner.

GoMoto Evolves Kiosks for Efficiency, Convenience

The newly patented Service Kiosk key retrieval system enables dealerships to provide a safe, secure exchange of keys on a flexible timetable.

Rapid Recon Launches Live Locate Availability for Vehicles and Keys

When vehicles and keys can’t be located promptly, sales opportunities are missed, service-related customer goodwill erodes, and reconditioning speed slows.

3 Ways to Improve Internal Dealership Communication

Better communication between employees and departments will help your dealership operate more efficiently and provide a better experience for your customers. Here are three ways to improve communication at your dealership.

Cut Down on Key Misuse by Regularly Reviewing This Key Control Data

By paying attention to how your keys are being used, you can ensure that poor key control practices don’t get in the way of your efforts to reach more customers, improve your customer experience and grow your dealership.

Vero, LLC Launches New Service Retention and F&I Remarketing Technology

New push-marketing mobile technology enables auto retailers to retain service customers, effectively remarket VSCs and other F&I products, and engage customers like never before through their phones.

Car Keys Express Announces Release of Universal Aftermarket GM Flip Key

At the touch of a button, the key performs the same functions as the vehicle’s original equipment, such as locking and unlocking doors, panic, opening the truck and remote start.