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Sustainable Excellence in the Customer Experience: Start with Your Employees

What keeps a business going strong, year after year, for close to 65 years straight? At Ricart Automotive Group, the answer is uncomplicated: an unwavering focus on the customer from Day One.

Connecting for Success: Streamline Your Processes to Increase Customer Loyalty – and Your Profits

Study after study shows that the vast majority of Americans dislike the car buying process and would make big changes to it if they could. This may sound like bad news, but it creates a big opportunity for you. If your customers leave your dealership with a good feeling, an unexpected good feeling, that directly results in appreciation and loyalty.

Dissecting Your Dealership to Mine the Best Data and Profits

With the right tools, data mining can be used to find more customers in ‘deeper corners’ of your database than you may have known. Why mine only one area when so many others also offer great opportunities?