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Special Executive Spotlight with Jason Girdner of TECOBI

Jason explains the complexities of 10 DLC, the importance of compliance, the role of AI and more!

Jason Girdner, CEO of Tecobi and an expert in automotive digital communications, about the complexities of digital communication in the automotive industry, focusing on the 10 Digit Long Code (10 DLC).
Dinner and a Show: Learn to 10x Your ROI

This webinar, hosted by TECOBI Founder and CEO Jason Girdner, will provide owners, dealer principals and GMs a full demo of TECOBI 2.0.

Comfort is Killing Your Dream — Discomfort Will Launch You Forward

If you want to smash your goals and fly to heights you’ve only dreamt of, you need to change your environment.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

A common scenario that plays out in dealership nationwide is the “multi-vendor” deal. What is the multi-vendor deal? It is a car deal that several vendors take credit for and that dealer only get to sell once.

Welcome to the Age of Dealer Control

The days of third-party leads and Google are over. Dealerships around the country have poured their advertising budgets into these abysses for too long. For the first 90 years of the car business, things pretty much stayed the same. All you had to do was put up a big sign and place ads in the newspaper and customers showed up, ready to buy cars.

You Are In Charge of Your Career

There are numerous ways to learn sales skills. Some dealerships have extremely in-depth training and mentoring programs to develop their people. Others just toss salespeople to the wolves and see who survives.

Are You Managing Your A-Level Salespeople Straight to Your Competition?

Managers need to be held accountable for the development of their sales team. A revolving door for salespeople is not a recipe for success. The days of tossing 12 green peas at the wall and hoping a few stick are gone.

Stop Closing and Start Serving Your Way to Sales Success

For as long as any of us can remember, the No. 1 tool of sales training has been closing techniques. More books exist about “closing” and “magical closes” than any other sales topic. This is very likely why most people don’t like salespeople and dread visiting a dealership showroom to buy a vehicle.

BDCs or Customer Engagement Center? It’s an Easy Decision From the Customer’s Point of View

Why do we make it so hard for consumers to buy cars? Today’s car shoppers want to know details about the potential transaction and many BDCs are simply not equipped and, in many cases, are not permitted to provide this information.

Is There Any Meat Left on the Bone for Your Dealership?

In the wild, the lion hunts for its food. The lion stalks its prey where it lives, waiting for the perfect moment and eventually pounces to make the kill. As the king of the jungle, the lion and its pride enjoy the “lion’s share” of the meat. After they have their fill, other animals follow

Wild West Days Are Back

Many dealers dipped their toe into Facebook ads with a tiny $500 or $1,000 spend and decided it was not for them. How many cars would you have sold in the 1990s with a $500 spend in direct mail or newspaper ads?

Historic Opportunities: Advertising Has Evolved — Have You?

Through most of American history, people got their news from a newspaper and that’s where auto dealers, desiring to reach this audience, placed their advertising. Radio then came along and grabbed a slice of the public’s attention and dealers followed suit. Later, with the addition of television to American homes, dealers were able to show