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Overcoming Inventory Challenges in the Dealership

While many challenging factors are outside of a dealership’s control, here are some practices to keep in mind to sell from inventory and market to drive traffic.

Podcast: Educating Customers on the Inventory Shortage

Ashlee Church discusses how to educate customers about the inventory shortage.

Now is the Time to Address Your Dealership’s Reputation

Your reputation capital is the lifeblood of the dealership and plays a massive role in how much money you make.

2022: Lead the Way, or Get Left Behind

The automotive industry has changed and your success will be dependent upon your ability to adapt and change along with it. 

4 Strategies to Overcome Today’s Big Hurdles

You’re missing 20-30% of your calls. If we just answer the phone, we can drive ROIs through the roof.

Acquiring Customers During Inventory Shortage is More Important Than Acquiring Vehicles

Dealerships need to adjust their compensation models and offer commissions for other products and services.

Podcast: The Dangers of a Great Market

The industry has been through times of scarcity before. Chip King of ZipDeal discusses how dealers can learn from the past and treat customers in a way that will keep them coming back.

How Inventory Shortages Affect Aftermarket Profitability

Here’s a look at what dealers can do to conquer inventory shortage woes.

Podcast: Industry Insider Tips from Neil Huffman Automotive Group

Kim Huffman of Neil Huffman Automotive Group discusses how her dealership has managed the pandemic and inventory shortage.