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Diversity and Inclusion: Making Sure Every Team Member Feels Part of the Whole, Part 2

Dealerships with a diverse staff can offer service to their customers unlike any other. Bringing different people together to work on the same team, however, can provide challenges to leaders. With this round of the Dealer Panel, we’ve asked our experts how they work to keep everyone satisfied and pulling in the same direction.

Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Diverse Team for Today’s Marketplace

The auto sales industry has long struggled with the issue of diversity. While many dealerships have taken steps to be more inclusive in hiring and training, it can be an intimidating world to step into for women, minorities and others not classically included in the “average” dealership setting.

Podcast: Expanding the Role of Women in Automotive and Technology

Trista Eckman, dealer support manager for Promax Unlimited, discusses the role of women in the automotive and technology industries.

Trista Eckman podcast