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Just Because You’ve Lowered Rebates Doesn’t Mean You’ve Solved the Problem

Manufacturers can determine what incentives and rebates are needed to achieve the most competitive position based on market data. And retailers can take advantage of the modern retailing solutions available, which provide consumers consistent and all-inclusive payment quotes.

How the Chip Shortage May Impact Manufacturer Incentive Programs

The shortage will make accurate incentives and rebate setting more challenging for the manufacturers.

Cruise Incentive Programs Give Dealers a Competitive Edge

Using a cruise incentive program gives dealers a competitive edge over other dealers in their market. A cruise vacation is an incentive that others can’t easily match, while helping increase sales, move older inventory and increase gross revenue.

Cox Automotive Rates & Incentives Now Delivers Data Faster, With Better Accuracy Than Ever

Cox Automotive Rates & Incentives (CAR&I) is announcing the introduction of three new enhancements that will generate a more consistently accurate industry indicator of retail buying motivation available on a monthly basis.

Dealer Panel – Employee Recognition Programs

Our Dealer Panel gives voice to dealers, GMs and sales professionals to share their experiences — sales techniques, new technology and ways to motivate staff — giving our readers the benefit of learning from their peers.

Are You Letting Revenue Slip Through Your Service Department?

For every sales piece you create to drive new car sales, you should think about how this could also drive revenue for the other departments.

Looking to Boost Profit Margins? Might Be Time to Consider Your Own Branded F&I Products

Whether your dealership is franchise or independent, transitioning to a dealer-owned warranty program may be a significant key toward increasing your profit potential, despite the direction of sales activity in the near future.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

If you’re serious about creating lifetime customers, and motivating those customers to do what you want them to do to create more sales, then you need to consider installing and providing a rewards program that has value to your customers.

Win Back Your Local Customers

Some of the key reasons customers choose dealerships farther away are reasons you can leverage to help you start winning back those wandering customers.