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Achieving Your Business Goals While Developing Your Best Self and Navigating Obstacles Along Your Journey

Are your habits accelerating or hindering you from reaching your business goals? What are the small actions you can take each day to contribute to your success? Establishing excellent habits can be a strong indicator of how successful or challenging your trajectory will be.

Using BI to Contact Active Prospective Customers

The average human has hundreds of regular habits. In many ways, it’s human habit formation that keeps the world moving.

Ditch the Purple Gorilla: Create a Dealership for Today’s Customer

Is your dealership set up to be proactive and make the most of that 21 percent of customers’ time? Or are you stuck in old processes built for old customer shopping patterns?

Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders, Part 2

Great leaders recognize that the only way to be trusted is to be trustworthy. They are honest; they say what they mean and mean what they say. They deliver what they promise and if they mess up, they are fast to apologize and do everything possible to make it right.