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4 Disciplines of Execution for Your Dealership

Changing an execution style requires businesses to think differently. Here are four simple — but not simplistic — disciplines dealers can follow to transform their business.

Automotive Dealers Look To AI For Business Growth

CDK Global research reveals excitement around data and intelligence use in automotive retail.

Podcast: Accessing Cash for Improvements and Growth

Carmen Torres of iA American Warranty Group discusses how dealers can access cash to help with their growth and improvement plans.

AUL Corp Sets Sales Records as Firm Celebrates 31st Anniversary

At AUL’s current rate of growth, the firm is forecast to sell its 3-millionth policy and process in excess of $1 billion in claims by the end of 2021.

The Theory of 5: Youth and Experience

One of the principle foundations of The Theory of 5 is that, in order to reach our full potential, we need to seek out more experienced, knowledgeable people to coach us in areas where we’d like to excel. To fill this role, we usually look to people who are older than us or, in a co-mentoring situation, our peers. In most cases we overlook what a relationship with those younger than us can mean to our personal growth.

Podcast: Ensuring Your Technology is Current and Working Efficiently

John Grace, associate vice president of operations for Dealertrack DMS, joins us to discuss the specific steps your dealerships needs to ensure your technology is current and working efficiently.

How To Grow a Fixed Ops Sales Team

Establish your sales goals for all departments and outline your plan for implementation. Think big and be bold! Measure everyone’s performance daily.

Work/Life Balance

We try our best, but sometimes juggling career and family responsibilities gets the best of us and we end up stressed and exhausted — not our best selves for either our work or our relationships.

Leadership: Coming to Serve, Not to be Served

Emptying ourselves of selfish motives will enable us to perceive our fellow co-workers in a different light. This inner self-cleansing makes room for virtuous leadership traits such as compassion and concern for the well-being of others.

Dealer Demand for AI-Powered Marketing Solutions Helps Outsell Drive Strong Revenue Growth

Direct revenue growth for the first half of 2018 grew 43 percent over the same period last year, and the average deal size during the first half of 2018 was 36 percent higher than it was for 2017.

Leadership Podcast: Finding Inspiration

We’ve returned to some of our past guests to ask them where they find inspiration.

The Future of Fixed Ops: DrivingLoyalty

DrivingLoyalty helps dealers build customer loyalty and boost retention from day one.