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Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders, Part 3

The most successful leaders influence themselves and others to find and fulfill their purpose in life and at work.  In this series, we are sharing the 30 characteristics of the most successful leaders.

The Servant Leader’s State of Mind

By serving others, servant leaders build a healthier culture and a more-productive business that creates a bigger bottom line and a happier workplace. Below are a few insights into the servant leaders state of mind that hopefully will help you improve the impact you have on the people you serve.

Building Leaders: Keeping Up With Challenges and Opportunities, Part 3

“I go to different conventions to learn how others are facing challenges, and I make sure I surround myself with other business leaders; not just auto leaders but people who are successful in business in general. Through education, constant reading and surrounding myself with people who are excelling in business, I become more prepared to lead and excel, as well.”

Growing In A Flat Market

JONES HONDA BLOWS PAST NEW AND USED AVERAGES IN THEIR MARKET. SALES UP 22.5% YOY WITH INCREASES MARKETING PRESENCE Jones Honda, part of the Jones Family of Dealerships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a great reputation for retaining customers and providing outstanding sales and service experiences. What the dealership lacked, however, were the tools and marketing