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Respect the Process

By breaking our goals down into ambitious but achievable tasks, we’re avoiding common mental pitfalls and setting ourselves up for steady, measurable, and — ultimately — incredible success.

Chris Saraceno July 2023
Your Place: What Does Success Look Like?

Jim Leman and Dan Kommeth discuss how dealerships can improve processes and reach goals — in the reconditioning department and throughout the dealership.

The 90-Day Review

If you have goals for your employees and business for the year ahead, consider breaking them down into quarterly objectives and then revisit them every 90 days.

The Tempting Path of Least Resistance

Let’s find our path, and then build the behaviors and actions that will allow us to navigate it to our desires and our destiny.

Leadership Podcast: 2020 Goals

We’ve returned to some of our past guests to ask them what are a few goals your team is looking to accomplish in the upcoming 2020 year.

Achieving Your Business Goals While Developing Your Best Self and Navigating Obstacles Along Your Journey

Are your habits accelerating or hindering you from reaching your business goals? What are the small actions you can take each day to contribute to your success? Establishing excellent habits can be a strong indicator of how successful or challenging your trajectory will be.

EFG Executive Publishes Book Advising Business Professionals on Reaching Goals

Currently ranked in the top five New Releases for Women in Business category on Amazon, Chasing Bentleys equips readers to take swift, strategic action to make their goals a reality

Congrats! You’re a Manager, Now What?

A manager’s job is to work with each person to determine what success means so they can contribute to the performance of the organization.

Your Dealership Needs to Leave These Marketing Mistakes in 2018

With a new year here, it should bring on new goals, ideas, strategies and tactics for your online marketing. Most of you reading this did not finish first in your region, as there can only be one winner.

What Stops Success?

Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” That should tell us a lot about the value of goals and how we should approach them. Some of us never reach our goals because we never set any. We may want to be successful, but without goals and purpose we really don’t have any measuring stick to go by.

The Theory of 5: What is Your Why? Finding the Real Reason Behind Our Goals

There’s no shortage of articles, videos, books, blog posts, podcasts and other material that share the importance for building profits and gaining wealth. “It will take focus, stamina, courage and determination to build our financial and business skills,” we’re told, “so let’s get started now!”

How To Manage Over-Abundant Technology

Technology is great, but a top-performing manager must take the data provided by that technology and get out of his chair to work directly with their fixed operations team daily.