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CDK Releases New Data about Gen Z Car Shoppers

The study finds gen z car shoppers spend more time researching and find the purchase process more difficult than older generations.

Stop Interrupting and Start Engaging Customers

Make your data actionable through intelligence and effectively deliver messaging to your customers through multiple channels.

Don’t Worry About Millennials — Here’s How to Win Over Gen Z

You keep hearing about millennials as “the digital generation,” but millennials are older than you might think; in reality, Gen Z are the true children of the internet.

An Increase in Generation Z Consumers Is Good News for Dealers

Learning what makes Gen Z tick and tailoring your selling process accordingly will take time, but in the meantime, prioritize relationship building.

321 Ignition’s New Mobile Platform Helps Dealerships Communicate with the Next Generation of Buyers

321 Ignition uses AI capabilities to help dealerships adapt to Millennials’ and Gen Z’s unique mobile shopping habits and showroom demands.