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Is There Any Meat Left on the Bone for Your Dealership?

In the wild, the lion hunts for its food. The lion stalks its prey where it lives, waiting for the perfect moment and eventually pounces to make the kill. As the king of the jungle, the lion and its pride enjoy the “lion’s share” of the meat. After they have their fill, other animals follow

Podcast: Moving Customers from Online to In-store

Scott Pechstein of Autoweb (formerly Autobytel) on moving customers from online to in-store.

Solving the Automotive Digital Marketing Puzzle: Budgets, Inventory and Funnels

As a kid, I remember it taking me about an hour and a half to solve the original Rubik’s Cube. It was deductive “if-then” reasoning that got me through that task then and still guides me today. I’ll admit, though, that it sometimes takes me longer than an hour and a half to solve some of today’s automotive digital marketing puzzles (wink, wink).