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Study Shows Changing Fuel Types for Title Loan Vehicles

Discover insights into the changing composition of loans, including a notable uptick in electric vehicle title loans.

Today’s Fuel Pressure Diagnostics

Direct injection pressure is measured with sensors, and you’ll need a scan tool to measure the signals.

Direct injection pressure is measured with sensors, and you'll need a scan tool to measure the signals fuel pressure diagnostics
Airtex-ASC Expands Industry Leading Coverage of Fuel and Water Pumps

The new water pump numbers cover over two million VIO, including Hyundai (Elantra and Tuscon) as well as Kia (Soul and Forte) vehicles. In addition, new water pump part numbers have been added for Cummins engines.

Airtex-ASC Expands Coverage of Fuel and Water Pumps

The new fuel pump numbers cover over 7 million vehicles in operation (VIO) and are available for a variety of vehicles, including the Ford F Series trucks, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and various Audi and Volkswagen applications.

Spectra Premium Released 180 New Products in August, Including 11 New CAPA-Certified Radiators

Spectra Premium cooling fan assemblies benefit from four layers of protection against over-voltage, overloading, short-circuits and high temperature.  

LIQUI MOLY Turns Toward Alternative Drives

The number of registered vehicles with alternative drives is still small compared to those with diesel and gasoline motors, but the new drive types are revolutionizing the car industry.

JohnDow Launches Automotive Service Parts & Storage Solution

Designed to hold up to 12 different assortments of the most popular service parts. The space-saving and compact design efficiently fits in the service area, keeping parts easy to access and organized.

What’s in the Tank? Treat the Fuel to Get Top Dollar for Each Unit

Dealers selling trade-in vehicles can never know for sure how old the gas is or its quality. Fuel degrades as it ages, losing octane and forming gums that can affect how well the engine starts and runs.