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7 Reasons Direct-Injection Fuel Pumps Fail

High-pressure fuel pumps can malfunction and/or fail due to a number of factors.

fuel pumps fail
EVAP Diagnostics and EPA Testing

If you concentrate on the basics of EVAP solving some of the most difficult EVAP problems, diagnostics gets a lot easier.

Detecting Hose Problems Before They Explode

The majority of hoses on a vehicle will fail from the inside out. Most failures take many heat cycles to occur.

New Universal Digital Pressure Tester from ANSED

With the 7-in. Color TFT touch screen display, it is easy to learn and easy to use. Digital allows the technician to save, export to a computer, print and share all the results.

Understanding Fuel Trim Theory and Operation

The modern engine measures two things extremely well, the amount of air going into the combustion chamber with the MAF sensor, and the byproducts that are generated by the combustion event with the oxygen sensor. These measurements allow the engine’s computer to put the right amount of fuel and spark into the cylinder to give the most efficient and cleanest combustion event.