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Reynolds and Reynolds Introduces FOCUS, Redefined Dealership CRM

FOCUS helps ensure dealers are maintaining one database of customer information to manage all aspects of the dealership.

The Overlooked Management Tool

For a myriad of reasons, many managers don’t hold regular staff meetings. Good staff meetings can focus a team, energize employees and engage them in ways ad-hoc interactions don’t.

Are Salespeople A Dying Breed?

Salespeople will only become obsolete if they refuse to adapt and interact with customers the way that they expect.

Podcast: The 80/20 Rule of Sales Training

Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE on the benefits of the “80/20” Rule of selling, and why going for the close can be a mistake.

Bill Wittenmyer Podcast Featured image
Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders, Part 2

Great leaders recognize that the only way to be trusted is to be trustworthy. They are honest; they say what they mean and mean what they say. They deliver what they promise and if they mess up, they are fast to apologize and do everything possible to make it right.

Your Best Defense is a Good Offense

The military adage “the best defense is a good offense” applies to selling cars, as well. If you keep moving forward, attracting new customers and advancing those customers down the path to purchase, your competitors are eliminated from consideration.

Podcast: Leadership and Decisions

On a special leadership episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, we’ve returned to past guest to ask them about the most important decisions they face daily as leaders in their company.