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Taking Control of Financing

It is in the dealership’s best interest to be proactive in addressing the customer’s understanding of auto loans and savings, and to clarify the benefits of financing through the dealership.

4 Steps to Widespread Crypto Adoption

There are turnkey crypto payment and loan platforms that allow dealerships to accept crypto as payment and make it easy for F&I managers to shop for crypto-secured loans.

Captive Lending for Used Vehicle Sales is a Big Upside for Dealerships

Offering a white label finance brand streamlines the purchasing process for the customer and puts you in the driver’s seat with the client throughout the life of their lease or loan.

Why Vehicle Protection Plans Are in High Demand at Dealerships Today

Dealers must offer the right F&I products that are uniquely matched for used and CPO programs.

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Constant AutoCare Helps Auto Lenders Stave Off Delinquency, Charge-Off

The ability to offer loan modifications can mean the difference between margin retention and partial or total loss for lenders.

Consumer Financing: Knowledge = Sales

Many customers will walk away without making a purchase if they don’t know about your credit options or they are somehow confused by the offer.

Universal Lenders, creator of the ZERO Plan, wins the Dealers’ Choice Diamond Award for Best F&I Product Financing Company

The ZERO Plan by Universal Lenders has been awarded top honors taking the diamond award in the 2019 Dealers’ Choice Awards for best F&I Financing company voted on by auto dealers nationwide.

FICO Survey: Auto Dealership Financing Holds Strong Among Consumers while Online Loans Gain Traction

The research looked at how consumers view the financing of their new and used vehicle purchases, as well as how vehicle finance companies are currently meeting customer expectations.

Assistant Service Manager Drives Hot Business in the Sunshine State

Amber Smith believes one way to provide Lakeland Toyota customers with excellent service is by offering convenient payment options on vehicle repairs and service. See how Smith utilizes Synchrony Car Care’s Promotional Financing and more to grow incremental business at the Lakeland, FL, dealership.

Breaking It Down: Making Large Repair Costs More Manageable

Like a ton of bricks. Like a smack in the face. Like an unforeseen major auto repair.

Maybe that last one isn’t as well known a cliché as the first two, but it’s just as relevant and, for many drivers, just about as uncomfortable.

Walmart Helps Dealers Sell Cars

After the retail giant piloted the CarSaver program successfully in multiple markets with dealers, including AutoNation, they are building a network of certified dealers to service Walmart’s 250 million customers and 1.5 million employees across the country.

Financing in the Service Department Can Drive Customer Satisfaction

Some drivers have been raised with a skepticism of mechanics and service writers. Steve Roe of Synchrony Car Care shows how you can help customers manage costs and feel more confident in their service purchases.