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Unlock New Customers Using Cloud-Based Digitized Auto Lending

Today’s consumers don’t necessarily compare different lenders or dealers anymore; they compare experiences.

Industry Challenges Drive Need for New Strategies, Solutions

Off-lease customers are a valuable target for dealers to source inventory for the used car department and sell newer models.

How Financial Durability Insights Help Auto Lenders in 2022

While lower credit scores may have previously equaled risk for auto dealers, with these new economic conditions and consumer behaviors, lenders now need more holistic data insights to better gauge a consumer’s ability to pay back a loan.

Taking a Multi-Tiered Fraud Approach

Dealers have the ability to fight the many ways fraudsters operate.

Advanced Data Insights Provide Targeted Marketing & Fraud Protection

Because of the increased time spent online, dealers and lenders must target their promotions and messages earlier on, and in a more personalized way that uniquely speaks to each shopper individually.

Latest Target-Marketing Resources Can Improve Effectiveness of Holiday Incentives

With the right strategies in place, dealers can better leverage today’s advanced target-marketing resources to make the most of their holiday offers.

COVID-19 Online Car Shopping: Drive to Digital Forces More Focus on Synthetic Identity Fraud Solutions

Dealers and lenders are now looking for solutions to help fight back and keep up with the sophistication of these fraudsters.

Equifax Introduces New Suite of Digital Retailing Solutions

Three new offerings to help identify, authenticate, qualify and customize deals.

Despite Consumer Demand, Auto Dealers Struggle to Provide Complete Digital Solutions

The online survey polled 135 dealers around the U.S. to get a better understanding of current trends in retail transactions, credit applications, vehicle financing, fraud; and their prospects of offering online digital retailing options to customers.

Despite Consumer Demand, Auto Dealers Struggle to Provide Complete Digital Solutions

Seventy-six percent of dealers are forced to handle between one to three fraudulent transactions each month. Fraud comes in many forms and remains a significant concern for dealers, illustrating the deep need for advanced digital technologies that reduce the threat of fraud while also improving the overall customer experience for shoppers.

Equifax and Credit Bureau Connection Team Up to Provide Soft Credit Inquiry Checks to Auto Dealers and Lenders

A soft credit inquiry check is a consumer-based offering and does not require a firm offer of credit to be provided.

Equifax and Jabian Consulting Connect Data and Analytics for Better Customer Journey

The study found that universally both franchise and independent dealers want to predict and understand consumer behavior by enabling early engagement online, and leveraging consumer information (trade/buying habits) to help power the consumer purchase.