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Diagnosing Intermittent Misfires

What if there are no codes and a misfire is intermittent? This is where it gets complicated.

What if there are no codes and a misfire is intermittent? This is where it gets complicated.
Diagnosing Poor Heater Performance Complaints

If a vehicle comes in with a complaint of poor heater performance, the issue may be the auxiliary water pump.

Cylinder Sealing: The Art of Measuring What’s Happening Now

Conventional cranking compression and cylinder leakage tests have become time-consuming and often inaccurate. Modern engines require a more accurate method of testing cylinder sealing.

On-board testing capabilities cut compression testing time from hours to minutes on this 2013 Ford F-150.
Diagnosing Throttle-By-Wire Problems

Sophisticated electronic control modules, sensors and actuators make up throttle-by-wire systems, with plenty of advantages, but diagnosing trouble takes a bit more sleuthing than in the old days.

Hankook Tire Gauge Reveals 83 Percent of Americans Plan to Drive the Same or More This Year

Tire pressure is one alert that gets drivers to take action as 56 percent of drivers will address the low tire pressure warning light the same day, according to the Gauge.

Fuel Injectors: Why They Fail

Injector failures run the gamut from bad or faulty mechanicals to clogged nozzles and leaky seals.

Spectra Premium Released 180 New Products in August, Including 11 New CAPA-Certified Radiators

Spectra Premium cooling fan assemblies benefit from four layers of protection against over-voltage, overloading, short-circuits and high temperature.  

Tire Vibration and Noise: Tips for Diagnosing and Finding Its Cause

While volumes could be written about the countless number of problems and solutions, this primer can help to solve some of the more common vibration issues.

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Eric Brown of LotLinx speaks with us about using artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect with your dealership’s customers and to serve them more effectively.

Eric Brown Podcast
A Dealer’s Approach to Retention

By being the dealership the customer has had constant contact with and has depended on, we build valuable relationships and customers for life.