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Bringing Video to the Service Department

Dealers who are looking for ways to build their service department’s revenue, increase their number of return customers and grow profits have a valuable tool available to them that is literally in the palm of their hands.

Rethinking Rewards Cards

Instead of looking at rewards cards as just more work, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Get creative, drive more business, the sky is the limit if you become as engaged in the program as you want your customer to be.

Why AI is ‘Bursting With Exponential Opportunity’ for Auto Dealers

People get excited about AI. Some love it, some fear it and some feel it is overhyped and under-delivering. Across the internet, the impassioned debate rages on: how many of today’s AI technologies are actually delivering value?

DealerCue Introduces AdCue, an Ad Management Tool for Auto Dealers

AdCue uses real-time market data to deliver highly targeted ads and send customers directly to your website.

Help Your Salespeople Make Hundreds More per Month with Accessories

It’s time to make the investment in accessory technology that engages the customer and streamlines the sales process. It’s time to get serious about following through on such investments three, six and 12 months down the road.

Experian Redefines Marketing to Help Automotive Brands Better Engage and Connect with Car Buyers

This new solution lets automotive marketers identify potential customers more precisely and have more meaningful interactions.

Leadership: Coming to Serve, Not to be Served

What is leadership? Leadership is a process of influence. Whenever you find yourself attempting to influence the thoughts and actions of others toward the achievement of a specific goal, you are engaging in leadership.

In a Jetsons’ World, It’s the Flinstone Mentality That Will Win

But as we continue to try to keep up with constant innovation and make sense of this whirlwind of information, a lot of us have forgotten the most important part of our business: relationships.

Keep Customers Engaged and Motivated for the Long Term

“Retention is easy to overlook, but in some cases you are picking up dimes as you walk over dollars.”