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GREENCROWN Energy & Water Drives Energy Savings for Lia Automotive Group

The ability to leverage real-time data to compare energy usage across all dealerships enables Lia to accurately forecast and manage their budget.

Podcast: Growing and Utilizing Your Salespeople’s Abilities

Noel Walsh, CEO of NW&A Sales Training, joins us to discuss growing and utilizing the abilities of our salespeople.

How to Harness the Untapped Energy of Millennials and Create a Culture That Breeds Leaders

Your dealership will confront various challenges. However, solutions won’t be found in “feel-good” pep rallies. Managers must routinely praise those employees who think outside the box, brainstorm and collaborate with others to solve daunting challenges. This affirmation will spur employees to improve their performance even more.

Nurturing Ideas Or Killing Creativity?

Nothing is more fragile than a new idea. Business owners and leaders often say that they want their teams to innovate and “think outside the box.” For this to happen, though, there need to be certain elements in place conducive to free thinking, idea generation and general “what would happen if…?” questions. There are three

Podcast: Dealing with Service Bay Doors

Joe Jones, automotive sales director of Hörmann High Performance Doors, joins us to discuss things to take into account when dealing with your dealership’s service bay doors.