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Text Messaging Vs. Email Marketing

To keep ahead of the trend, take a look at the differences between email and text marketing to boost your automotive sales.

The Death of Email Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Email is alive and should work in cooperation with all of your advertising and customer service.

5 Tips for Better Video Email Marketing

Learn the dos and don’ts of video email marketing, and the tactic that will get more people to open your email.

Client Command Wins Platinum and Gold in Prestigious Hermes Creative Awards for Client Marketing Campaigns

The platinum award, Hermes highest honor, went to the team’s Lexus Winter Collection email campaign, Gold was awarded for their Luxury Paparazzi email campaign, and an honorable mention was given for the team’s compelling work on their “Let Freedom Ring” campaign.

Personal Traditional Automotive Marketing

With DMS data, service, branding, community events and more, the personal exposure of ringless voicemail has numerous applications. It provides a way to reach out to consumers on a one-to-one basis that’s not intrusive, not expensive and maximizes your labor. It’s a solution that every automotive dealer should take a look at implementing into their marketing strategy.