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New eLEND Solutions Survey Underscores Challenges of Delivering Accurate Online Payment Quotes

Adding further challenge is the fact that over half of lenders and dealers report that payment terms are negotiated with the online customer before a lender decision.

Dealers Cite Lack of Lender Transparency as Obstacle to Deal/Pricing Clarity

According to the findings, dealers agree there is a trust deficit and understand that consumers want transparency — though many are inhibited from going as far as customers expect them to go, due to concerns about profitability.

DealMaker Launches: Hybrid, Pre-desking Solution for Digital Retailing

eLEND Solutions adds ‘real deal’ digital finance solution to its suite of digital credit and identification solutions to eliminate frictions and profit leaks in the vehicle purchase process

The Blending of Physical and Digital Auto Auctions, Part I

Digital auctions have accelerated significantly in recent years. Physical and digital have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, resulting in a rapid acceleration in the blending of the two formats. To find the best of both worlds, let’s take a deeper look at the first two key elements at play.

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700Credit/eLEND to Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Identity/Financial Fraud

ID Drive, the industry’s most advanced data capture and driver license authentication solution, protects auto dealers, helps identify qualified buyers.

eLEND, Orbee Partner to Convert More Dealership Shoppers into Buyers

Innovative re-targeting technology keeps more car shoppers moving down the purchase funnel

CoreLogic Credco Integrates its Three-Bureau PreQual Solution with eLEND Solutions

The integration of the prequalification solution gives CoreLogic Credco customers who use eLEND instant, single-source access to a consumer’s credit report and FICO score from all three national credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion or Equifax.