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EFG Companies Launches Flexible Training Subscription Service, Proven to Boost Dealer Profit and Performance

EFG’s Training Subscription Service is available through a combination of in-person classes, virtual distance learning, virtual breakout sessions and virtual coaching

EFG Safeguards Dealers’ Reinsurance Positions

EFG’s virtual claims inspection technology reduces claim cycle time and protects client reinsurance positions from claims fraud.

EFG’s New VSC Increases Penetration up to 15%

With the enhanced MAP, EFG expanded eligibility requirements and term mileage in 2,500 mileage increments, resulting in 25 million term options dynamically available to the dealer.

EFG Re-Launches WALKAWAY Vehicle Return Protection Program

Dealers have the opportunity to provide customers with valuable financial protection. This opportunity can serve dealerships as a true point of differentiation and avenue for revenue growth.

EFG Brings Home National Stevie Awards

The company won an award for its customer service training team and for business development achievement.

EFG Companies Predictions for the Industry’s Future

The primary challenge facing dealers today is evolving their retailing process to capitalize on changing consumer habits. Utilizing the company’s 40+-year history in the F&I industry, four EFG Companies executives offer their predictions.

EFG Spearheads F&I Choice with Signature Finish Elite Appearance Protection

Dealers can now choose to provide either polyurethane or ceramic coating based on their production needs.

EFG Executive Publishes Book Advising Business Professionals on Reaching Goals

Currently ranked in the top five New Releases for Women in Business category on Amazon, Chasing Bentleys equips readers to take swift, strategic action to make their goals a reality

EFG Companies Launches MAP Electric Vehicle Protection

MAP Electric Vehicle Protection provides coverage for all assemblies and parts, the manufacturer-installed battery, and electric vehicle motor(s), except for a specific list of parts that are excluded.