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How the Experience Economy Will Drastically Change the Automotive Industry in 2018

More than anything, people crave experiences. Consumers are spending more on traveling, dining out and going to the theater — and less on material goods. Their desire for unique, authentic experiences has fueled the rapid growth of companies like Airbnb. In the restaurant industry, pop-up restaurants, food trucks and experiential dining venues continue to increase in popularity.

Up in a Down Market: Inventory and Competition, Part 4

Certain vehicles sell quicker in certain colors and packages than others, so we use technology to determine what the fastest-moving vehicles at any given time in the market would be and that’s what we try to acquire.

Don’t Let the Economy Dictate Your Success

In our experience, the management at those companies follows most of these practices. And, while there is no “silver bullet” or guarantee, we’ve seen these companies succeed in the hardest of times.

Up In a Down Market: Finding New Ways to Serve the Customer, Part 2

In this series of our Dealer Panel, we’re asking our panel how they prepare for a potentially cooling market, and how they are working to maintain their forward motion.

Up in a Down Market: Training and Marketing When Things Slow Down

“Our overall strategy? Stay the course. Stay in your lane. Market to your customers. Full steam ahead. Walt Disney said it best when he said, ‘I’ve heard there’s going to be a recession. I’ve decided not to participate.’”